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Diagnostic & Financial Review

Diagnostic & Financial Review

You may be getting ready for raising funds or feeling like you’re not getting the information you need from your financial data. We can help! Performing a Deep Dive into your books lets us see what needs to be done and what shape your financial data is truly in. We have a thorough checklist we go through to validate data, best practices, thorough and strong audit trail with supporting backup for your data.

Performing this thorough diagnostic review allows us to confidently present the next steps

Diagnostic Financial Review [we may need access to documents, accounting file, and tax return]

  • Make Assessment
  • Present Findings
  • Make Recommendations

Once the Diagnostic review is complete, we develop a report with our findings and recommendations. Whether it’s clean-up work, catching up on your transactions, reconciling accounts, generating financials, or training your staff etc.

You’ll have the option to implement the recommended next steps internally yourself or engage Fortified Accounting to perform the recommended next steps and the ongoing bookkeeping services to keep you on track.

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