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Clean up/Catch up/Restate

Clean up/Catch up/Restate/Implement

Before the clean-up phase, the Diagnostic review must be completed. It is during the diagnostic phase that we’ll truly see what’s going on, and what needs to be done to bring everything up to ‘code’. During the Diagnostic review, you’ll receive a ‘next steps’ report. The items listed on the Diagnostic findings and recommendations report is what we use to assist with the clean-up and restating of your financial records.

While reviewing the recommended steps, we develop an even more detailed clean-up project based on a long checklist. The clean-up can include everything from revising the Chart of accounts to revising and re-recording journal entries, reclassifying transactions to correct accounts, reconciling cash and other balance sheet accounts, to assigning departments, and deciding if GAAP and best practices have been followed to record and reflect your financial transactions for your business.

During this phase, we begin to introduce best practices not only for your bookkeeping and accounting but for your record filing and processes as well.

  • Implement recommendations from Diagnostic review
  • Revise and restructure transactions
  • Revise/reset/report financial data
  • Introduce and implement best practices
  • And much more

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